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Martin International Corporation is a leading exporter
of scallops to the European community. The Black Pearl brand is recognized and respected by top distributors and restaurants throughout Europe.

Daily shipments of fresh Atlantic Sea Scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) are flown directly from Boston to airports throughout Europe while our
frozen IQF product lines are shipped by sea
containers to major seaports.

Our hand-selected Black Pearl Atlantic Sea Scallops are harvested along the Atlantic seaboard and processed daily. This allows you constant access through Martin International to a well-managed fishery that has become the standard bearer in Sea Scallops enjoyed by connoisseurs around
the world.

We support Private Label programs throughout Europe and Eastern Europe with a wide variety of packaging and packing options.

In addition to highly regarded Black Pearl Atlantic Sea Scallops, we also export wild Black Pearl Troll King Salmon to discriminating distributors and smokers in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Travel the world with Black Pearl and experience the finest seafood products Mother Nature has
to offer!


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