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Black Pearl Scottish Salmon are distinguished by their refreshingly distinctive, clean flavor.

Black Pearl Atlantic Salmon are sourced from the Shetland Islands and northern Scotland at the junction of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean where highly oxygenated, deep waters and raging currents create an ideal environment for sustainable fish farming.

Progressive, low density and environmentally sound farming techniques eliminate the use of antibiotics, therapeutic agents and chemical support systems while providing true end-to-end integration; from egg to harvest for 100% traceability.

Black Pearl Salmon are raised on a specially formulated feed regimen based upon the purest, 100% marine oil (no vegetable substitute) from sustainable fish stocks that emulate the natural diet found in the wild providing the maximum Omega-3 fatty acid content in the final product.

Certified ISO 14001 management ensures compliance to the highest environmental management system of standards and practices. Additionally, Label RougeŽ certification for all feed contents and farm management practices is recognized as the benchmark for quality and nutritional value to the consumer.

Martin International Corporation is one of the few companies to conduct comprehensive periodic, laboratory analysis and publish the results to provide our customers with the facts to ensure each of our products remain well below FDA guidelines in order to deliver purity and value to the consumer.*

Black Pearl Atlantic Salmon are distinguished by their naturally pure, clean flavor and buttery sweet fat, making the product ideal for sushi/sashimi and smoking where the distinct flavors are fully displayed.

In order to preserve freshness, Black Pearl Atlantic Salmon are live harvested, processed and delivered to markets in whole and fillet forms throughout North America within hours of capture.

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