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Martin International Corporation is a company comprised of professionals committed to maintaining a level of excellence in our products and services while upholding a commitment to protect the environment and preserve the sustainability of our fisheries and industry. Our corporate headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts where our products are handled through one of the fully largest integrated seafood distribution centers operating under FDA HACCP guidelines servicing domestic and international markets.

Our stringent standards for procurement, processing and packing have created the benchmark for workmanship, quality and consistency within the industry. Every Black Pearl product - from hook and line wild caught to certified organic - act in concert to compliment one another with an identical standard of consistent quality.

Black Pearl is synonymous with the delivery of consistent, extraordinary quality supported by a strong commitment to customer service. Our goal is to deliver elevated value to our ultimate customer - the consumer. A goal that is realized through increased consumer loyalty extended through the value chain. Our reputation has been hand-crafted upon a foundation of long term, rock solid relationships - with customers and suppliers - based on premium products and service. Our philosophy is working within a team approach to achieve collective success in the delivery of a nutritious and delicious product that holds maximum value to the consumer while supporting "eco-friendly" and environmentally conservative practices.

A central theme within our vision is the element of taste, a frequently understated and overlooked consideration. The uncompromising standards of Black Pearl products capture and deliver outstanding flavor profiles. Described and rated in a leading National food and wine publication as having "a luxurious richness"* and "equal to or maybe an anchovy's length better than Yakutat wild salmon"*, Black Pearl Natural Choice Salmon is a brand defined by the experts as clearly superior.

Once tasted, never forgotten; Black Pearl  products will distinguish your business and set your kitchen apart from the rest.

*Sam Gugino
Wine Spectator
May, 2004

  The Martin International Management Team
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